It’s time to make a kick start all-new career line with the most experienced and professional team of designers and dressmakers.
Tailoring Master

We have a young energetic team of creative fashion designers and dressmakers who can do the best tailor fit service if you demand. Else we also have our own showcase collections to choose from, designed with all the creative and unique skills put together and we give out the best and trending kurta designs. With proper analysis of the recent trend in the city, we are able to create the best-fit ones for our customers.

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Yes, with bundles of orders on school uniforms our dressmakers are expertise in uniforms of almost all the schools in Chennai. We are the permanent dressmakers for certain high-end school in Chennai. Our uniform services also include designing for the newborn schools, so if your kid is into a new school, no worries, we can make it for you.

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Delivery Boy

Yes, our services also include saree designing. Saree designing services include saree embroidery, saree stonework, and saree printing for all types of sarees. We have a separate team for high-end saree designing works.

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